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to meet the individual development needs of enterprises

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Entertainment live streaming industry solutions——

HD live streaming without delay, equipped with a variety of innovative gameplay such as PK, public chat, gift giving, in-depth interactive experience, 24-hour real-time security monitoring, advanced data models to help achieve refined operations, effectively improve entertainment platform daily activity and retention, and achieve traffic to revenue change.

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Innovative gameplay

Gain income

HD stable
New retail industry solutions

Provide merchants with one-stop live e-commerce services, support team live streaming, simulcast, store management, marketing fission and other functions, can carry out live broadcast of multiple stores, and quickly help companies build their own e-commerce live streaming system and easily improve sales performance.

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Backstage management

Live commercial
Government Affairs Industry Solutions ——

To meet the needs of government and enterprise remote meetings, employee training, product presentations, news releases, etc., and to spend on live streaming, video recording, live streaming encryption, and barrage interaction, help governments and enterprises improve work efficiency and shape brand image.

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Full function

Brand Marketing

Stable and reliable
Online education industry solutions

Convenient course start, complete teaching functions, true restoration of various teaching scenes, support for multiple interactive methods, online assessment to fully grasp student learning situation, course address encryption processing, ensure course security, and help the construction of smart classrooms and smart campuses.

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Course interaction

Extra exercise

Smart classroom
Smart Cultural Tourism industry solutions

Provide cloud tourism, cloud exhibition and other one-stop live streaming platform construction and standardized operation service support for scenic spots, museums, exhibition halls and other cultural and tourism enterprises and institutions. With the help of 4K+5G clear image quality, the live streaming content is displayed flawlessly, and the real, immersive cloud experience. During the live streaming process, online live streaming of scenic tickets, souvenirs, cultural and creative products, etc. can also be realized.

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Online seeding

HD quality
Medical and health industry solutions ——

HD picture quality, no delay, real-time consultation, ensuring real-time transmission of consultation pictures between doctors and patients, and support for functions such as intelligent access of visual medical equipment, screen sharing, pen whiteboard, etc., enriching content output forms to meet the needs of diversified medical scenarios , to help the construction of smart medical and telemedicine.

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Academic promotion

Real-time interaction
Financial and insurance industry solutions ——

Multiple terminals, high-definition and stable live images, support for privatization deployment, live room encryption, avoid information leakage, ensure live streaming information security, built-in diversified live streaming tools, can meet the requirements of various scenarios, such as corporate training, investor education, real-time unloading, event live streaming .

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Information confidential

Security compliance

Product advantages
Professional technology accumulation, zero accident live streaming guarantee


HD video

Live streaming smoothly without stutter

100,000 concurrent experience

The overall architecture supports flexible expansion


200ms low latency

Speedy live streaming

HD live streaming

Ensure the quality of real-time interaction


Security and anti-theft chain

Prevent unauthorized screen recording

Support multiple viewing methods such as passwords

Intelligent filtering of sensitive words


SaaS system can be flexibly configured

Rich API/SDK open interfaces

Flexible interoperability with the original system of the enterprise

Personalized customization according to business needs

Melot Quality Assurance
Professional technology precipitation
24/7 service support
Frontier strategic vision
· National high-tech enterprise certification
  Melot Group is certified as a national high-tech enterprise

· Technology accumulation in the video cloud industry in the past 10 years
  Accumulated in the video cloud industry in the past 10 years, self-developed multimedia service framework, providing underlying streaming media services

· Hundred-person R&D team
  In 2012, Melot creatively mobilized video technology and became the first company in the industry to launch a mobile live streaming product. The R&D team with more than one hundred people continues to carry out technological iteration and innovation, and has a number of national invention patent certifications

· Other more honors
  Zhejiang Benchmarking Enterprise    Zhejiang Province Big Data Application Demonstration Enterprise    Zhejiang Province-level High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center    Zhejiang Digital Culture Demonstration Enterprise    Zhejiang Excellent Online Security Team of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China
· Demand collection
   Professional pre-sales engineers are responsible for collecting and confirming product requirements

· Personalized customization
   Customize product functions according to company needs to meet the individual needs of the industry

· After-sales service
   7*24 online after-sales service, dedicated after-sales engineers to answer customer questions at any time

· User Guides
   Detailed and complete product manuals and 1v1 consulting services provide you with professional technical guidance, allowing you to quickly use the product

· Live broadcast planning
   Professional live streaming planning team to provide you with venue and event support

· Operations Support
   Provide you with complete operational support, covering multiple links such as supply chain, marketing and promotion
· Melot real-time live streaming interactive technology middle station
   Melot's real-time live streaming interactive technology includes support for RTC real-time audio and video, traditional CDN, etc. The main core includes 7 major capabilities such as network, SDK, whiteboard, messaging, recording, audit, SaaS development center and library, etc., providing comprehensive support Live streaming, empowering the business needs of the industry.

· AI+Video
  Melot prospectively combines video and AI technology to accurately mine and identify user behavior characteristics, which can realize automatic tracking of speaker images, portrait beautification, intelligent synthesis of multi-camera images, and personalized recommendation for thousands of people and thousands of live streaming.

· 5G+VR video layout
   With the help of VR panorama and 3D digital technology, the real scene and the virtual scene are seamlessly combined to enhance the user's viewing experience. As 5G technology continues to mature, a new generation of live streaming networks are also being built closely, and the user experience will be further improved

· Rapid product updates
   The company has a research and development team of 100 people, continues to pay attention to industry trends, deeply cultivates live interactive related technologies, continues to iterate and optimize products, and maintains the advanced nature of products in the industry
One-stop product solution
Professional video live streaming technology, built-in comprehensive marketing service functions, to meet the individual needs of the industry
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